Cape Town South Africa

I went on from Johannesburg to sepdn some time with my friend and business partner, Ken Tiven who lives in beautiful Hout Bay, right around the corner from Cape Town

But before I leave Johannesburg.... Calamari appatizer, fish and chips and a draft Amstel <$9 yum, yum IMG_3662 IMG_3663
Room and bathroom at the Tarragona Lodge where I stayed while in Hout Bay. Gorgeous, with friendly people. IMG_3667IMG_3664
Views from the balcony. IMG_3670IMG_3669
"Common" areas in the lodge. IMG_3673IMG_3672
Mr. Tiven and his Mini "S" holding yet another dead cell phone. IMG_3674
We drove out to Hermanus, a site internationally known for watching whales. The bay is a marine reserve. IMG_3675
We took a littel boat tour and found two southern right whales... one male, one female. The boat was small and we were able to drift fairly close to them for about half an hour. I will post a short movie clip later. IMG_3687 DSCN9319DSCN9316IMG_3681IMG_3686
Great sunset on a very calm ocean... made the water seem viscous. IMG_3699 IMG_3702IMG_3706
IMG_3710.JPG A small winery outside of Hout Bay...

The next day I decided to try and drive to the Cape of Good Hope before my plane left. It really wound up only being an hour or so south of Hout Bay.

IMG_3712.JPG Simons Town. Strong resemblance to California.
Working my way down the penninsula to the park... IMG_3713.JPG IMG_3715.JPG
IMG_3718.JPG I wonder if by food they mean me?
IMG_3724.JPG At Cape Point looking back at the Cape of Good Hope. You learn about it is school, but it was kind of surreal to be there, esp as isolated as it is...
IMG_3726.JPG I call this picture "The last ostrich in Africa"
IMG_3730.JPG It is only fitting that I end the trip at the end of a continent...