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Hiking Eze to Nice

Ok, another relatively short leg of "The Big Hike". This would take me from Eze to Nice, with a big detour out to Cape Ferrat.

The weather started out just fine, but clouded up towards the end. (sound familiar?)

IMG_5461.JPG The trail down from Eze village is also known as "Nietzche's Walk" as the philosopher used to walk this route frequently while in Eze. No Superman jokes please...
Walking down "past" Eze. IMG_5462.JPGIMG_5464.JPG
IMG_5466.JPG ...and our friends at the perfume factory.
Nice trail, composed mainly of rock steps... IMG_5467.JPG
IMG_5474.JPG Around the corner looking out over Eze-Bord-de-Mer and on to Cap Ferrat
IMG_5475.JPG The slopes above Eze-Bord-De-Mer looked like they had suffered a rather large brush fire this summer.
ze-Bord-de-Mer IMG_5476.JPGIMG_5477.JPG
IMG_5478.JPG Walking along the Lower Corniche... do they really expect this to hold? Thinking about the train tunnel that collapsed in may between Monaco and Menton...
IMG_5479.JPG Beauleu-sur-Mer
Walking out on the cape... very nice,exclusive, big houses. IMG_5483.JPGIMG_5484.JPG
IMG_5486.JPG The French love their dogs...
St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat... more boats and big houses. IMG_5487.JPGIMG_5488.JPG
IMG_5491.JPG Out on the "tip" of Cap Ferrat.
On the west side of the cape looking out towards Villefranche IMG_5495.JPGIMG_5496.JPGIMG_5497.JPGIMG_5503.JPGIMG_5501.JPG
IMG_5499.JPG Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... that is a Citroen.
IMG_5504.JPG Villefranche-sur-mer
Ok, if a set of stairs get their own name, you know it has got to be a doozy. This was to climb up to the pass between Villefranche and Nice IMG_5505.JPGIMG_5506.JPG
"Over the top", notice Ft. Alban in the second picture (left)... IMG_5507.JPGIMG_5508.JPG