Kruger National Park

IMG_3581 This isn't Africa, but a new terminal at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. I think this is called 2E. Very nice, but not totally finished, and the wireless network was not up and running here yet. Anyway, flew to Johannesburg, overnighted and the next day flew out to Palaborwa a town adjacent to the park.
Flight to Palaborwa. The last picture is of an open pit mine in Palaborwa. It is the second largest in the world. Mainly high quality copper. IMG_3583IMG_3586IMG_3587
IMG_3592 Palaborwa Airport - pretty neat, well designed and very funky.
IMG_3638 My tour was operated by Viva Tours who owned Taramisan lodge where I would stay while visting the park. While not inside of Kruger it was inside a private game reserve and was much nicer than I expected. Notice the monkey outside my door in the last picture.
IMG_3597Roll 161 - 107IMG_3600IMG_3594
Animals- It will just be easier if I group pictures by type of animal instead of trying to chronical the three days of going into the park.
Antelope, specifically impala. The guide called them "McDonalds" because they are everywhere and they have a black "M" on their rump. Roll 161 - 5Roll 161 - 4
Roll 161 - 99Roll 161 - 13Roll 161 - 83
Roll 161 - 15 Family of warthogs.
Roll 161 - 23 Scopes owl. This little guy was probably less than six inches tall and just sitting in a tree in one of the campgrounds.
Roll 161 - 26 Marabou Storks sunning themselves.
Lilacbreasted Roller. Stunning colors, but by the third day were very commonplace. Roll 162 - 59Roll 161 - 44
Roll 161 - 57Roll 161 - 58 Roll 161 - 54 Roll 162 - 52Roll 161 - 74
Roll 161 - 65Roll 161 - 9Roll 161 - 67Roll 161 - 10
kudu? Roll 161 - 79
Blue wildebeest Roll 161 - 86
Roll 161 - 88 Several hippopotamus in the ecnter frame laying next to the water.
Roll 161 - 97 Ground hornbill.
Roll 161 - 102 Malacite kingfisher
Roll 161 - 105 The lone rhino for the trip.
Roll 161 - 111Roll 161 - 118 Roll 161 - 120
Roll 161 - 129 Yellow hornbill (common)
Roll 161 - 133 Our vehicle was a toyota pickup truck with a frame mounted to the bed. I think the open sides and the small size enhanced the experience.
Roll 161 - 137 Baboon
Roll 162 - 26 Chamelon we almost ran over... took him to the cloest tree.
Roll 162 - 29 waterbuck?
Roll 162 - 38 Uh... could be Redbilled Francolin
IMG_3604 Driving around the lodges game ranch...
IMG_3606 IMG_3607
IMG_3645 Giraffe print
List of Animals Vervet monkey
Tree squirrel
African elephant
White rhinocerous
Burchell's zebra
Blue windebeest
List of Birds Ostrich
Little Egret
Great white egret
Grey heron
Gloiath heron
Saddlebilled stork
Marabou stork
Painted snipe
African jacana
Blacksmith plover
Whitecrowned plover
Lesser blackwinged plover
Swainson's francolin
Whitebacked vulture
Whiteheaded vulture
Lappetfaced vulture
Brown snake eagle
Wahlberg's eagle
Tawny eagle
African fish eagle
Martial eagle
Dark chanting goshawk
Scops owl
Brownheaded parrot
Grey lourie
Burchell's coucal
Redfaced mousebird
Pied kingfisher
Malachite kingfisher
Liliacbreasted roller
African Hoopoe
Yellowbilled hornbill
Redbilled hornbill
Grey hornbill
Ground hornbill
Blackheaded oriole
Longtailed shrike
Blue waxbill