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l'Escarne to Peillon

This segment didn't take so long... it was really connecting towns that had less then stellar public transport and no truly direct route between them... l'Escarne would have to be the least "pleasing" town on my big hike... it just had this weird vibe to it... a town that didn't want it's picture taken. It's claim to fame is it's large train tressel... so anyway, no sense that I needed to pause there. The weather was surprisingly good, but you could really feel fall when in the shadows.

IMG_5599.JPG A little ways south of l'Escarne the trail takes off from the road...
IMG_5605.JPG l'Escarne from near St-Pancrace Chapelle... not much, but Berre-les-Alpes in the upper left looks neat.
The next section worked it's way around several valleys covered in olive trees. IMG_5607.JPGIMG_5608.JPG
IMG_5610.JPG Hey, at least they have signs up... Peille is pronounced "Pay"... I don't know why.
IMG_5611.JPG I have a feeling that the trail will be heading towards that mountain...
IMG_5613.JPG Yup, but going around somehow... this area is called Pas d'Ongrand
IMG_5618.JPG From the Col du St-Bernard (and know I didn't see any, either the dogs, or the Sardy)
IMG_5622.JPG Down into Peille... still closed, but much more inviting in the sun... all I have to do is wait for the bus.
IMG_5623.JPG IMG_5626.JPG IMG_5628.JPG IMG_5639.JPG IMG_5648.JPG IMG_5644.JPG
IMG_5640.JPG IMG_5629.JPG
Someone is watching me... IMG_5625.JPG