Nice: Asian Arts and Phoenix Park Botanical Gradens

IMG_6225.JPG This is the Rialto theater in Nice, which shows movies in their original language. (V.O.) So if the movie was American it was in English... which made my moviewatching more enjoyable.
The Museum of Asian Arts was a very neat building... the outside gave me visions of the High Museum in Atlanta... most of it was surrounded by a large duck pond.

Unfortunately the inside was mostly consumed by a very silly temporray multimedia fashion show "thing". It made the rooms dark and interfered with the enjoyment of the works on hand. I was also given cotradictory information regarding photography, so I eventually had to stop taking pictures.

IMG_6096.JPG IMG_6130.JPG IMG_6131.JPG IMG_6138.JPG

Section of water staircase or Chadar, 1st half of the 17th century

This was very neat, but hard to describe. This panel was used to slow down the flow of water in a channel.... imaging it positioned at an angle as water passed over it... the relief creates resistnce and the water would kind of "babble" down the front. Function and design, very cool.

IMG_6112.JPG Four feet belonging to a royal throne, 18th century
Cosmic tree or tree of coins, Eastern¨›Han Dynasty,¨›29 BC - 220 AD

This is a "money tree", but more interesting to me was the construction... it was cast in parts, designed to go together as a collapsable kit.

Ducks in the pond.
IMG_6142.JPG This is Phoenix Park, with the botanical gradens greenhouse in the distance... this park is located next to the airport, but is surprisingly tranquil. It's location means that it is kind of hard to get to, as people tend to blow by it on their way into town. But I think the greenhouse was fantastic and well worth the trip.
The greenhouse has it's own aquarium... IMG_6161.JPG
IMG_6164.JPGIMG_6167.JPGIMG_6171.JPGIMG_6174.JPGIMG_6175.JPGIMG_6176.JPGIMG_6178.JPG IMG_6179.JPG IMG_6183.JPG IMG_6185.JPG IMG_6186.JPGIMG_6188.JPGIMG_6189.JPGIMG_6190.JPGIMG_6191.JPGIMG_6192.JPGIMG_6193.JPGIMG_6194.JPGIMG_6195.JPGIMG_6196.JPGIMG_6198.JPGIMG_6199.JPGIMG_6200.JPGIMG_6201.JPGIMG_6202.JPGIMG_6203.JPGIMG_6205.JPGIMG_6206.JPGIMG_6207.JPGIMG_6209.JPGIMG_6212.JPG
I really didn't like to see the owls caged up... they really should scrap the outside "zoo" section... but it seemed they were doing more construction. IMG_6218.JPGIMG_6213.JPGIMG_6219.JPGIMG_6215.JPG