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Peille to Eze

On my "Big Hike" I decided to avoid for the moment how I get between l"Escarene and Peille, for which there is no good route, and kind of step backwards from Eze... so 11am bus to another perched town called "Peille" pronounced "Pay" (I don't know why) and then through another picturesque hilltop town called "Peillon" and the onto La Turbie and finally Eze... should have a map up soon...

IMG_5517.JPG Peille seemed to be shut down for the season... only met a handful of people on the streets...(how many people can you fit in your hand?)
IMG_5515.JPG IMG_5513.JPG IMG_5516.JPG IMG_5518.JPG
Peille is the site of the Via Ferrata, kind of a mountaineering course around the outskirts of the town... notice the climbers in the last picture. IMG_5525.JPG IMG_5523.JPG IMG_5526.JPG
IMG_5528.JPG Poor trail out of town... most people must walk the road until trail crosses it.
Nice trail down a canyon to Peillon, you can just see it in the distance of the last picture. IMG_5529.JPGIMG_5532.JPGIMG_5533.JPGIMG_5535.JPG
IMG_5538.JPG Interesting way to try and keep a house together... but I think they "tightened" it too much
IMG_5542.JPG Approaching Peillon... it is even more spectacular from the other side as it hangs out over the valley... you can see it for miles from the train before you enter a tunnel below the village.
IMG_5543.JPG I think the town really wants it's picture taken...
IMG_5558.JPG IMG_5545.JPG IMG_5547.JPG IMG_5550.JPG IMG_5553.JPG IMG_5552.JPG IMG_5549.JPG IMG_5548.JPG IMG_5555.JPG
Leaving town... reminded me of Eze, but no people and no stores... IMG_5559.JPG IMG_5560.JPG IMG_5566.JPG
After a while, back on the GR 51 above the coast... to the left is Monaco, or about half of it... La Turbie is on the right of the second picture. IMG_5572.JPGIMG_5575.JPG
La Turbie was very touristy, which is bad since tourist season is over... they wanted $4 to see their Roman monument, sorry... IMG_5578.JPGIMG_5582.JPGIMG_5583.JPGIMG_5584.JPG
IMG_5587.JPG No great way to get to Eze without going way up to just come straight back down, so I walked the road...
IMG_5593.JPG Eze from the East... just in time for the last bus back to Nice...