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Hiking Sospel to L'Escarene

I decided to pick up where my last hike left off in Sospel and walk to L'Escarene. I think my brain has it that a good "goal" would be to walk (in stages) from the Italian border north of Tende back to Nice...

The weather started out just fine, but clouded up towards the end.

IMG_5414.JPG Back in Sospel bright and early via train...a quick stop at the Spar for a juice and I am on my way...
Walking up and out of Sospel on the GR 510 IMG_5415.JPGIMG_5416.JPGIMG_5417.JPG
IMG_5418.JPG Can't find the name of this fort... but it takes up the top of Mont Barbonnet
That is one bizarre looking Volkswagon Transporter... IMG_5421.JPGIMG_5422.JPG
IMG_5424.JPG Old postal marker circa 1896 at a junction of GR 510 on Baisse du Pape, marker 115
IMG_5425.JPG A blockhouse from the Maginot line.
The trail between markers 155 and 148 was particularly nice. IMG_5426.JPGIMG_5427.JPGIMG_5428.JPG
IMG_5431.JPG Very interesting dark green/black volcanic rock on the approach to Touet-de-l'Escarene
Nice spot for lunch IMG_5434.JPGIMG_5435.JPGIMG_5433.JPG
IMG_5437.JPG Getting to be Fall.
IMG_5438.JPG This is the entrance to a 3 mile train tunnel outside of Touet de l'Escaene, marker 145
IMG_5439.JPG Touet de l'Escaene, not much happening...
IMG_5446.JPG Neat looking moth?
So, trying to take the trail from Touet de l'Escaene to l'Escarene I missed some marker (#142) and was led on by another set of trail markers...until I was way, way off track. Add another hour to get back down to l'Escarene. IMG_5447.JPGIMG_5448.JPG
l'Escarene... decided to take a bus back to nice instead of waiting two hours for the train... will be back to continue the hike. IMG_5449.JPGIMG_5450.JPG