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Tende to St Dalmas de Tende

This segment didn't take very long either... below St. Dalmas it would be a real trek to the next train stop and I wanted to "see what I could see" from Tende looking north...if there was snow, and if it looked like I could reasonably walk to the Italian border that way... on the way south I also passed through la Brigue which was supposed to have a very nice church, which was closed...

IMG_5653.JPG Ok, well the answer is "yes" on snow, and "no" on walking to Italy, so I guess I will just have to settle for Tende being by northern most point... would have been easy during the summer.
On the way up and out of Tende IMG_5651.JPG IMG_5656.JPG
IMG_5654.JPG A few shingles, a little gardening...
IMG_5666.JPG IMG_5668.JPG IMG_5670.JPG
IMG_5669.JPG Interesting how a city can always make itself the center of the universe if it wants to...
IMG_5672.JPG Up and out of la Brigue... notice the slate roofs again.
IMG_5675.JPG Looking back at La Brigue from the ruins of Ste-Anne
IMG_5678.JPG Looking down on St. Dalmas de Tende
I would really like to know what made this small town such hot stuff. They have this old, abandoned palatial train station... why? The current facilities are, ahem, much more modest. IMG_5682.JPG IMG_5683.JPG