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The apartment

I am renting an aprtment on the 8th (top) floor of the Le Capri building #8 Rue Fricero. The street is named after Joesph Fricero, a local painter, who married a member of the Russian royalty. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any pictures of him or his paintings so far, but they are reported to be of local land/seascapes. Anyway, two bedroom, two bath, great light via sliding glass doors on two sides. Great cross breezes... not much of a view as it doesn't really face the mountains or the sea, but overall I am very happy. I will update this shortly with a map showing the general location...

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Inside the door...(to the right).... to the left is the elevator that comes up into the apartment, which will be cool, when I have the key. For now, it got me locked out on my first day, as you can go down, but can't come back up.
The living room looking back towards the sunroom and dining room.
The guest bedroom, which looks like it was carved out of the patio... anyway, I like this one better because I can shade it in the morning, so that is where I am camping right now.
Looking into the dining room (office) and on to the living room.
Galley kitchen, but it has a microwave, dishwasher as washing machine.
Master bedroom.
Master bath. Not very useful as is... no shower, but I'm working on that.
Guest bath. Tiny, but it works as long as you don't drop anything.
The spire of Hotel Negresco in the distance... Cable isn't that popular here.
The "sunroom"
View at night...