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Nice Museé des Beaux Arts

This place is right down the street form me, less than 10 minutes walk, so I decided to check it out. Housed in an old Russian Palace it houses a small collection of local "Fine Art" and an eclectic collection of 19th-20th century works

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The building... tucked away in a residential district.
The ground floor contained many religious works... in summary, rather gruesome pictures of how a saint was martyred and then the saint in heaven. This is about the fifth depiction I have seen of St. Marguerite in the last month.
Here John the Baptist earns his name by baptising Jesus... in the next panel he is decapitated... I wonder if medeviel kids ran around decapitating each other?
Detail from a staff... a serpant eating...well something...
This is St. Roch, for whom the local large hospital is named. Silver, apparently from the sacrity of the hospital.
The three muses...one of the symbols of Nice. There is a larger statue in a park downtown I need to go visit.
This is one of several paintings by Carle Van Loo, native to Nice, and principal painter to King Louis XV. This is wisdom controlling power. A lesson a certain administration... ok, I'll shut up.
Many of the Van Loo paintings were massive. That is Theseus taming the fire breathing bull of Marathon. A Rodin sculpture is in the forground.
This painting was in a very dark spot on the staircase. I wish it had turned out better, but the hands were very well done...and cupid has a great look on his face.
This is the work of a local impresisonist Raoul Dufy. It is a scene of Nice... the used to be a large restaurant in the bay before the Germans blew it up.
The first is a tribute to Debussy. I like the pallette he chose.
I like the "interdigitation", but the rest of it??? NeoEgyptian?

By Kees Van Dogen, referred to in the phamplet as a franco-dutch "Fauvist".

Meet Gustav-Adolf Mossa. He is one serious screwed up, but talented fellow. It's like Heavy Metal meets Poe.
Uh, in order... "Bathsheeba","Salome","Elle",can't remember,"Siren" and "La Femme auz squelettes (skeletons)"
Detailed, interesting composition, but very disturbing, creepy and misogynistic. Why do I want to get inside his head again?
...and that was it!