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Nicole and I then headed to Monaco on a Saturday. Many things were closed for the season, most notably the Palace, but the aquarium was still open and I had not been there yet. The "Exotic Gardens" also had a cave under it, go figure...

A rough stitched view from the Exotic Gradens... that is pretty much all of Moanco minus the soccer stadium.
IMG_6002.JPG Monaco has two "cities". Monaco proper is the "Rock" which contains the royal palace. The rest of the country is Monte Carlo. Monaco is technically a principality. I need to look up the difference between a country and a principality.
IMG_6006.JPG The Exotic Gardens primarily contained a wide variety of rare and large cacti. The path wound down from the ridge, offering stunning views of Monaco... very surreal.
IMG_6007.JPG IMG_6008.JPG IMG_6009.JPG IMG_6010.JPG IMG_6011.JPG IMG_6012.JPG IMG_6013.JPG
IMG_6016.JPG The other interesting part of the gardens was a small, but interesting cave. Again, very surreal, as this is almost in downtown, and from what I can figure must have an automobile tunnel right below it.
IMG_6017.JPG IMG_6018.JPG IMG_6021.JPG IMG_6024.JPG IMG_6027.JPG IMG_6028.JPG IMG_6035.JPG IMG_6041.JPG IMG_6045.JPG
IMG_6050.JPG Vouging on the Riviera
IMG_6051.JPG IMG_6052.JPG
IMG_6053.JPG The Oceanagraphic Institute and aquarium are on the rock, a couple hundred yards form the palace. The aqaurium was very neat (and busy even for this time of year) but I could have skipped the museum. Don't bother buying the English text guide, instead look for the English audio guide (which we missed)
IMG_6055.JPG IMG_6060.JPGIMG_6061.JPGIMG_6062.JPGIMG_6063.JPGIMG_6065.JPGIMG_6066.JPGIMG_6067.JPGIMG_6071.JPGIMG_6072.JPGIMG_6073.JPGIMG_6074.JPG
Inside out Jellyfish... never seen that before. IMG_6082.JPG
IMG_6085.JPG This little fish has two eye like dots on his fins...
IMG_6088.JPG Two Nautili, never seen these either.
IMG_6089.JPG As I mentioned, you can probably skip the museum, everything is in French and everything is dead, quiet a change from the aquarium.
IMG_6090.JPG Looking down on the port from the rock, a carnival in progress.
IMG_6094.JPG The old casino again, we forgot our passports so we could not get in. Citizens on Monaco are not allowed to gamble here so you need to prove your nationality to enter. We went to the otehr casino, which had a surprisingly good restaurant, lost our money quickly and left. It is hard to get excited about $25 a hand blackjack tables (and those were the cheapest).
IMG_6095.JPG If you have not seen it yet... this the the Smart Car roadster.