The Space
The view out the window. Beautiful downtown Manchester.
When I press this key, TV Asahi disappears.
Would you buy a feed from this man?
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Lee "Asks Jeeves" how to defeat the "Crum Gambit".
Orly work on prefecting the "Mojita" for the mass consumer market.
Home away from home...
Sean is licking the camera... do I really want to do this as a carrer?
I would stand up and go get a drink if my new pager wasn't so heavy...
While Carlos was sleeping, his hand was zip-tied to the rack.
Do you think I should use more blush?
They knew that when Paul sat in his chair backwards, he was running low on coffee.
As we have always suspected, Donahue is really a hand puppet.
153 McGregor
The awards ceremony.
Orly! We're solids!