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Nice Part 2 of X

This Sunday I decided to pick up some maps at the train station, find one of the smaller train stations in Nice that served a small route to the northwest mountains, check out scooter rentals and wind up at the Chagall Museum. It was neat, but smaller than expected, so I walked up "Le Chateau" for some views of Nice.

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Ok, before I get started, this is the "home" network in Nice. DSL from the phone jack on the right, to dsl modem, to dsl router, to Apple Airport Extreme base station. I can use the laptop anywhere in the apartement and the camera goes into the router. I know, geek stuff.
Here is the suburban train station that serves the "Train des Pignes", so called because they used to use pine cones as tinder.
The route heads up through the mountains NW to a town called Digne. I think it is about $15 round trip. I plan to do this with an overnight stay later this summer.
This is apparently the "old" station that used to serve the route. They still run a steam train on the route about a dozen times a year.
This is just a neat church I saw on the way to the Chagall Museum... I don't think Conyers Presbyterian would have gone for this...
The Marc Chagall Museum

This houses a collection of works that Chagall created between 1954 and 1967 to illustrate the books of Genesis,Exodus, and the Song of Songs.

The auditorium contains stained glass representing the creation of the world.
Notice the painting on the inside of the piano (lid?). One of Chagalls themes was that "couples" represent god's love. Notice that there are a lot of pairs in the the other paintings.
Ok, I can't remember who this guy is... probably King David.
Exodus... crossing the Red Sea. The bad guys (red Egyptians) are about to get it. Chagall painted two streams of light coming out of many characters heads. Some kind of halo, but they kind of look like horns.
A prophet... can't recall. Starts with an "I".
The Creation of Man: (sorry I am not giving you the French titles) My quick interpretation is that here is this angel holding "man" and to the upper right is "the future", all the things man is going to do. One theme I have not researched is that Chagall was "of the Tribe" (thanks Eric) but he painted Jesus on the Cross in many of these paintings... even though they are supposed to represent Old Testement stories... may have to look into that one
Moses and the burning bush. Again showing Moses what is to come.
Noah has a dream about the Ark. I noticed that the rainbow is white, but all the colors are elsewhere in the painting...
Eden: Find the snake. All reminded me a lot of Howard Finster in a way...
A stained glass window I think was comiisioned for a church...
From the Song of Songs room.... I have no idea, but she looks happy? I liked his faces. Each one had a unique expression, all of the happy.
The "Sacrifice" of Issac by Abraham. Compare this treatment of the scene to ... say Carravagio?
A large mosaic, outside... Elijah and his chariot of fire...(don't start humming)
Same themes, different medium....
To Le Chateau
Finally into the old town...
...and out on to the beach. The busiest I have seen it.
The stairs up...
Don't know if they are pruned this way?
St. Reparate down in the midst of Vielle Ville
...and one more.
This is Nice, the port side. Ferries up and down the coast, as well as to Corsica leave from this terminal.
Another view back in to the port