Turkey 2001

I travelled to Turkey on vacation between September 10th and Spetember 20st, 2001.The events of September 11th made me change some of my original plans, specifically to visit Cappadocia, Urfa and Van in Eastern Turkey. In any case I had a very nice time where I did go and this will hopefully give you some idea of the variety and beauty to be found in Western Turkey.

These pages will be in sequence of my travel dates, which is about the only way I can keep it straight?!

All pictures taken with my Nikon 6006 using a 20mm or 50mm lense. 95% of these scans were done by Wolf Camera and I am not very happy with the quality so I will rescan those that are the most inaccurate, but I am not happy with the prints either. The prints are too dark, the scans too light.

Apologies in advance for misspelled Turkish names and missing accent marks...


Todd Fantz

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Day 1 - Sept 10th Istanbul
Topaki Palace
Basilica Cistern

Day 2 - Sept 11th Istanbul
Hagia Sophia
The Blue Mosque
Grand Bazaar
Sulemanyie Mosque
Tomb of Suleman the Magnificent
Galata Tower

Day 3 - Sept 12th Istanbul
Museum of Archeology

Day 4 - Sept 13th Selcuk/Ephesus
Grotto of the Seven Sleepers

Day 5 - Sept 14th Pamukkale

Day 6 - Sept 15th Antalya

Day 7 - Sept 16th Antalya
Museum of Archeology
The Chimera

Day 8 - Sept 17th Kalkan

Day 9 - Sept 18th Xantos/Fethyie

Day 10 - Sept 19th Istanbul
Mosaic Museum
Turkish Museum of Islamic Arts

Day 11 - Sept 20th Istanbul
Egyptian Spice Bazaar
"Cruising" the Bosphorus

Thhat's all folks...